Tops Restaurant and Bar Supply

Welcome to Tops

Brooklyn's finest Restaurant and Bar Supplier.
Family run since 1968.

About us

Owner Dennis Monier has been at Tops since 1968 when his father, Harry Monier, (owner of the famous Parakeet Club) decided that Brooklyn needed a restaurant and bar supply company of its own. Today, with 46 years of experience, Dennis and his family are known for their fast and friendly customer service and great prices. Though not the largest supplier, Tops is proud to be the BEST. If we don’t carry what you need, we will custom order it.
Tops is open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM and specializes in fast and free delivery Monday through Friday to restaurants and bars in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We do not accept credit cards, but do accept checks. Bill to bill payments can also be arranged for your convenience if you qualify. Please call or visit our store for pricing and packaging.


Phone: (718) 745-8175
or (718) 745-8184
Fax: (718) 745-4151


Tops Restaurant & Bar Supply
8001 Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209
pictures of the Top's storefront